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How Much Stress Is Your Home Worth?


I recently stopped a 76 year old woman's home from foreclosure and instead of nothing, she got $60,000 CASH!! She was so relieved, she had money to live on and could move on with her life with much less stress!!!

If you need to sell your home quickly, I can help. My cell is 650 868 5779.
I am a BROKER who is certified to do short sales and I live in Redwood City.

According to the nation's leading short sale experts, most people become bankrupt because their house payment is too high.

70% of the people who go bankrupt could have been financially OK and would have avoided bankruptcy if they had just sold their home.

Selling your home is an emotional issue, it is understandable. But is it helpful to you and your family to get hanging on? Here is a list of common things we all do instead of selling our homes:

- We use up all our savings in the bank

- We use up all our savings in our retirement account

- We may dip into our kids college funds

- We take a job two hours way and then are exhausted

- Our main relationships suffer because we are communting so far away, and we are using up tons of money in gas

- We rent the house out and live with other family members, which just isn't working

- Many people already are bankrupt, or close to bankruptcy, but they just don't realize it.

- Most loan modiifcations are NOT granted.

In the end, it is just a house, and relationships are more important.

The truth is, is it OK to sell your home, and if you do it early enough, chances are you can rent in the same neighborhood or very close by. It is possible for you to keep your same friends,  relationships and even school districts. You will maintain a better quality of life with more cash and reduced stress.

If this sounds like a huge relief to you, it is. If you would like me sell your home to avoid foreclosure, I can help. I am a broker, not just an agent and can make the short sale process simple and easy because I will do all the work for you...and I will actively look for options for you to find your next home.

Give me a call and we can discuss your options. I will negotiate with the lender for you and manage the process for you.

Time to get your life back, reduce the stress and improve relationships....

Call (650) 868 5779.

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